In July of 2005 God called Pastor Joe to move from Oklahoma to become the Senior Pastor of Family Life Church. In four years they saw the congregation touch many lives and almost double in size. God moved in an unusual way and merged Family Life Church and Hunter’s Creek Community Church. Pastors Joe Palm and Mark Daniel became the Senior Pastors of what became Focal Point Church.

After 3½ years of serving the Lord together God put a strong call on Pastors Joe and Kim Palm in the spring of 2013 to plant an outreach-focused church in South Orlando. This was unanimously confirmed by the board and the church voted in favor of blessing this vision and mission from God. Pastors Joe and Kim were prayed over on June 2, 2013 and launched New Hope Worship Center the following Sunday. New Hope Worship Center officially began on September 8, 2013.  Since that time God has FAR EXCEEDED our expectations as to what He would do.

He is sending people from every sphere of life to join New Hope. It is astounding what God is doing so quickly! We pray that God would call you and your family to join this wonderful place and mission we call New Hope Worship Center.

Impacting and changing people’s lives through the message of HOPE.