People need to know that change is possible and that God can redeem them from any situation.

We place a high priority on valuing and embracing every ethnic group. Every person matters to God therefore people matter to us.We are a place that believes that no matter how broken one is that God can restore them and use them to do great things in life.

We value strengthening families and will seek to equip husbands, wives, Moms, Dads, and kids of all ages to relate to each other in love. We value developing leaders and will invest time and resources into relationships and opportunities to see people grow in influence.

We value biblical truth as the only foundation for the identity and mission of the body of Christ. So Scripture will be held in high regard and will be the basis of all that New Hope teaches.


We are a place that believes that nothing is impossible for anyone. God still performs miracles in every aspect of life; spiritually, relationally, mentally, physically and financially.